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Collection is growing 🎶 #thealbumleaf #brandnew
Please ignore me while I cry at these sweet notes from the students 😭😭😭😭💕 #fillabucket
While I was setting up my class, these fools decided to FaceTime me LOL 😝 #misstheseguys
A deck of Polaroids but no room for them. 🙈 #polaroidproblems
First Dodgers game of the season. Many more to come #ilovela #myboys (at Dodgers Stadium)
With some help, Miss Nikki’s Records is open!
Do what you love and love what you do 💕  (at Laguna Beach, California)
Since I was face timing with dad, this is the only picture I got and yet it’s the one that matters! 🙌 #gkg  (at Manhattan Beach Pier)
Finally got to see the dinosaurs in Cabazon! 😛 (at World’s Biggest Dinosaurs Museum)
Hello Palm Springs, it’s been while 🌴🌞 (at Palm Springs USA)
Practiced while mum walked 😊 (at Sunset Beach, California)
Today’s adventure: Sunken City 🌆
#Moe 🍻
Career Day at work 🚨 (at Aloha Elementary School)
This past week I was in Tennessee. I gotten close to these people and learned a lot about myself. This week was crazy, stressful but fun none the less. I’m excited for this summer! 📚